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Communications & Technology



Jazz Clayton-Hunt is the Director of Communications and Technology, a role she assumed in 2016.

The Department of Communications & Technology facilitates the transfer of information between the City of Plainfield and its residents and visitors. Updates are shared daily through multiple media platforms. The department also provides technical support for all city employees and maintains the city's technology infrastructure.

The department has two divisions: Communications and Media, and Information Technology (IT), both of whom work in tandem to ensure a fast, efficient transfer of information while providing responsive service to internal and external users.

Division of Communications & Media
The Division of Media and Communications functions as a bridge between City Hall and the Plainfield community. They work closely with all departments to provide residents and visitors with timely, accurate, and impactful information. Media and Communications is an intermediary relaying the community's concerns, suggestions, and events back to the administration and the public. The division's responsibilities include internal and external communications, public relations, marketing, media relations, website maintenance, and internal government relations.

Visual media such as photography and videography fall under the purview of this division and the administration, maintenance, and management of the Plainfield Community Television (PCTV). This division ensures that Plainfield residents are plugged in and can enjoy the events happening around Queen City whether they can physically attend or not.

Division of Information Technology
The Information Technology (IT) division serves the City of Plainfield employees through onsite troubleshooting and maintenance of hardware and software for all technical devices and supporting operational components. The IT division ensures the integrity of the information captured on city devices as specified in Federal and State governmental rules and regulations. This division is also responsible for maintaining the city's phone system and supplementary technology.

IT division employees continuously seek cost and time-saving technology solutions to present to the administration and ensure all users receive timely updates or replacements for obsolete software or hardware. The division provides technical support for city events and functions.