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What can City Hall do for you? The Administration at Plainfield City Hall works tirelessly to serve our residents, focusing on providing services, facilitating the use of public resources, and providing relevant information as needed. Please contact the appropriate department for your specific need:

Economic Development

The Office of Economic Development for the City of Plainfield serves the residents, business community, investors, and developers by providing top-quality client assistance, guidance, and support to ensure Plainfield's development and small business growth.  Questions regarding starting and growing a business, investment opportunities in Plainfield, development vision, and service guidelines can be answered here. This department also oversees the UEZ Fund.

Finance Department

The Department of Finance is responsible for money management, which typically includes purchasing all goods and services for the city, collecting tax revenues, and administering property assessments for the city. The Finance Department also facilitates budgeting, planning, organizing, auditing, accounting, and controlling the city's operating and capital requirements. Questions regarding tax assessor, tax collector, audit & control can be answered here.

Public Works

The Department of Public Works provides administrative oversight for all physical and social planning, care, and maintenance of City facilities and engineering services. This department also manages the Recreation facilities and programs and the Senior citizens' services.

Health and Social Services

Public Health is primarily involved in providing Preventive Medicine resources. The knowledge and skills of clinical medicine combined with the skill sets of medical management and population health. Please visit the Health and Social Services page if you seek information regarding the WIC Program, Health Education, Vital Statistics, or the Division of Health.

Communications & Technology

The Department of Communications & Technology serves as the messenger between the City of Plainfield and its residents and visitors. Updates are shared daily through multiple media platforms. The department also provides technical support for all city employees. If you are searching for a recent press release, social media access, alert access, or a recap of current events, please visit the Communications & Technology page.

Fire Department

The mission of the Plainfield Fire Division is to protect the lives and property of the citizens of Plainfield from natural and manufactured hazards and acute medical emergencies through prevention, education, and active intervention. For more information regarding our fire department, please visit their page.

Police Department

The Police Department of Plainfield is committed to the safety and security of its residents and visitors. Please visit the Police department tab if you would like to make an online payment, send an anonymous crime tip, report an accident, or learn about safety & prevention.