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The City of Plainfield was established in 1869. Filled with a vibrant history reflected in our architecture, culture, and people, Plainfield celebrated 150 years in 2019. Plainfield, also known as "The Queen City," has a dedicated and goal-driven mayor supported by a strong City Council. The Mayor and seven Council members (representing four wards and three at large) are elected by the residents for four-year terms. The Plainfield City Council is the governing/legislative body of the city. Their primary purpose is to enact municipal laws via ordinances and resolutions. The Mayor enforces the charter and ordinances of the city and all general rules 
Plainfield City Hall - Front View Picture


applicable to it. He supervises the various departments that comprise the city government and ensures the smooth running of administrative processes. 


Plainfield's municipal government maintains city facilities, such as parks, streetlights, and common public areas. In addition, they address zoning and building regulations, promote the city's economic development, and provide law enforcement, public transportation, and fire protection.

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